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January 4, 2023
February 27, 2023

Living Our Core Values

Renee Taylor

Father Niko outlined his vision for the parish’s future in February 2016. From there, a small group of leaders developed our Parish Vision and Mission, but “skipped” creating the Core Values - until now.

A group of ministry leaders got together in early 2022 to talk about the church mission, vision, and goals for the coming year. As part of that conversation, it was learned that the “what” we wanted to accomplish was clearly defined -but what was missing was the “how.” How we do the work of our Lord is just as important - if not more important - than the work itself. So we embarked on creating our Core Values.

Core Values represent who we are and what’s most important to us. Core Values communicate how people within the church perform and interact together. They convey our beliefs (who we say God is), guide our identity (who we say we are), our activity (how we do what we do), and how we interact together (teamwork). Core Values are the guiding principles which are foundational to who we are. The guiding principles we came up with are: Belong, Grow, Serve, Act with Integrity, and in all things - Love. When we communicate our core values, it allows others who believe the same thing to participate in the vision for God’s church more quickly. And, it makes decision-making easier. But communicating the values is just step one. In some cases, who we say we are and what we do is aspirational - we may not yet be there. So for us to truly commit to living out our core values, we need to make them part of our “DNA” - our everyday life. To that end, we’ll be highlighting one of the core values in each of our monthly magazines in 2023 with ways our parish council members and ministry leaders are incorporating the values into their meetings and events, along with articles and bible passages that align with our core values.

Join with us as we devote ourselves to belong, grow, serve, act with integrity, and love one another this year!













Living Our Core Values