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September 1, 2022
September 7, 2022

Upcoming Youth Events

Anna Teodosiadis

As we begin the Ecclesiastical Year, we're gearing up with events for our Youth! 

In every aspect of Orthodox education and fellowship we can Grow with Christ and grow closer to Him. Our path to salvation and relationship with Christ is individual, yet requires support and relationships with one another, especially our own families. Within our youth ministries we are taking these following steps to grow closer to Christ:


Family, community, and individual prayer are all important. To encourage all these, all our youth will be gifted a Resurrection Youth prayer book. Every youth will get their own prayer book with morning prayers, evening prayers, Lord's Prayer, and more. These prayer books are to have at home and use, but also to use as a church family following a youth ministry event. I want to invite all families to use this resource together at home and join the conclusion of all our youth ministry events (JOY, GOYA, Greek Dance, etc) to join your child in prayer.

As prayer is the center of our relationship with Christ, prayer services are a way to grow toward Him. Paraklesis, the supplicatory service to our Lord’s mother, has been a special service to our youth. Our youth have been participating in Paraklesis at summer camp, at bay area GOYA events and during the Dormition fast at our own parish. We will be adding quarterly Paraklesis services for our youth to lead and participate in. I invite all families to attend these as well, and to join us for fellowship afterward.

Youth Stewardship
Giving our time, talent and treasure to Christ and the Church is another way we can grow with Him. We are called to take care of our Church. We can do this through the gifts & talents God gives us, our time, or our treasures! I invite you also as a family to fill out the youth stewardship cards together with your children so they can find the ways they’d like to give to the church.  

All dates, materials, sign ups, registrations and information will be at our Ministry Sunday on Sunday, September 11th. See you there!

Upcoming Youth Events