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Building Project

“Building the Body of Christ” in Pleasanton

Our parish has continued to strive to fulfill Resurrection’s mission “to bring people closer to God by witnessing, proclaiming, and growing our Orthodox Christian Faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ through liturgy, ministries, community, and family” for over 50 years. We have a thriving and growing community, with many opportunities for prayer, ministry, and fellowship. And, we are excited to now begin “Building the Body of Christ” in Pleasanton!

Contact Father Niko Bekris or Deacon Justin Bosl to find out more about our building project, and/or to financially help us Build the Body of Christ.

The Building the Body of Christ project’s mission is threefold:

Spiritual: To worship the Holy Trinity in liturgy and sacrament preserving the Apostolic faith so that we become more Christ-like and attain salvation.
: To be a community of mutual love, family fellowship, and active ministry.
: To build an Orthodox church with Byzantine architectural design allowing for growth in our community. This church will serve as a witness of Orthodox Faith in the Tri-Valley area.

August 2021 - Pleasanton City Council Approves Application to Purchase Property

On Tuesday, August 17, 2021 the Pleasanton City Council (with God’s grace), unanimously approved our application to purchase the property on Dublin Canyon Road for our new church! The Pleasanton City Council and city planning officials are excited to have us in the community. As councilmember Kathy Narum stated, “… item #4, the Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church. I’d like to say that I find the design lovely, and assuming the consent calendar passes, welcoming them to Pleasanton.”

Our thanks to everyone in the parish who spoke on our behalf in front of the Planning Commission, wrote letters to City Officials, attended the Zoom meetings, and included our building project in their prayers.

Now, the real work begins. We expect to close escrow in early 2022 … come celebrate our past, our present, and our bright future!

July 2021 – Pleasanton Planning Commissioners Approve Building Plans; Forward to City Council for Public Hearing

On Wednesday, July 14, 2021 the City of Pleasanton Planning Commission Committee voted to approve the building plans for our new Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church. Prior to the vote, a discussion was held between the commissioners, Pleasanton residents, and members of the parish, highlighting the key benefits the new church will bring to both the community and our parish family. Our sincere thanks to Tim Sbranti, Petros Xides, Yiannoula Theodorou and Steve Van Dorn (Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce), Scott Raty (Heritage Bank), and Tom Wright (Elder, Pleasanton Church of Christ) for their inspiring remarks in favor of our application and building project.

“The opportunity to have a place to worship so close to home is a Godsend. The church has impacted me in so many ways, and will do so for others.” – Petros Xides

“I’ve known the wonderful people at the church for over 5 years. I thank the commission staff for their ‘can-do’ spirit, the church is a terrific match for the community and a great enhancement to the gateway of Pleasanton.” – Scott Raty

In addition, several commissioners said the church, “…is a trophy project that is terrific for Pleasanton citizens, the church, and it’s neighbors…” “…a great gateway to our city… symbolic of our inclusive and diverse community.”

Commissioners Allen and Gaidos also thanked the Resurrection team for responding positively to the planning commission and property neighbor’s comments, and proactively making changes to the plan to address their concerns. “I’m excited about this beautiful property. It will be a great amenity for the community…and [the Church] will be a good team player for its neighbors.” – Vice Chair Nancy Allen