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Youth Ministry

Greek Dance & Music

“To create and strengthen lifetime bonds within our Orthodox Christian community, through the education and performance of Greek folk dance, music and language.”

Greek Dance teaches our youth about the Hellenic culture through dance and provides another way for the youth to gather in fellowship. Resurrection's Greek Dance & Music program was founded in the early 1970’s. The parish was one of the founding communities of the Greek Orthodox Folk Dance and Choral Festival (FDF), which is sponsored by the Metropolis of San Francisco and held annually in February.

Over the years, our varied dance groups have received numerous awards for their authentic dance costumes, choral renditions, and dance performances. They have also entertained residents and attendees at many events such as nursing homes, senior centers, and local schools. Our dancers have also entertained attendees at many community events such as nursing homes, senior centers, and local schools. Dance families fundraise throughout the year to continually enrich the program with new costumes, music, and further research.

The Greek Dance & Music program consists of several groups and is open to all Pre-K through 12th grade children whose family members are stewards of the Resurrection parish.


  • bring people together in Orthodox Christian fellowship as a way to integrate our Orthodox Christian faith into our daily life through unity, family and community.
  • create greater communion and stronger ties with our participants, while teaching the values of teamwork and commitment that will allow them to be respectable leaders in our community.
  • preserve the traditional Hellenic Culture & Greek folk dance and music by teaching our participants authentic performance and dance techniques, including music with local instruments and authentic costumes.

Each of the dance groups practice at the church at set times weekly. Check the church calendar for each individual dance group practice times.