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Parish Council

Our Parish Council is comprised of 12 stewards in good standing who assist the parish priest in administering the sacred ministry of our parish. Six of the 12 stewards are elected each year to a two-year term office.

2024 Parish Council Members

(pictured left to right): Gary Wallner, George Efstathiou, Nick Vriheas, Matthew Jameson, Elena Liveris, Father Niko Bekris, Rajai Akkawi, Nick Droogas, Christine Psefteas, Brad Taylor, and Karen Wallner. Not pictured: Lizz Karbo and Kim Spencer.

To serve on the Parish Council, a steward must attend divine services regularly and participate in the sacramental life of the Church. Elected by the stewards of the parish, the Parish Council members:

  • Assist the priest in the administration of affairs and ministries of the parish.
  • Establish the appropriate committees, including but not limited to Stewardship, Finance, Fundraising, etc.
  • Prepare budgets for the parish’s administration and ministries and collect the revenue of the parish.
  • Adhere to the Charter, the Regulations, and decisions made by the Clergy-Laity Congresses.

Parish Council Executive Board
President: Christine Psefteas
Vice President: Nick Droogas
Treasurer: Matthew Jameson
Secretary: Karen Ries
Council Members: Ray Akkawi, Nick Droogas, George Efstathiou, Matthew Jameson, Lizz Karbo, Elena Liveris, Christine Psefteas, Karen Ries, Kim Spencer, Brad Taylor, Nick Vriheas, and Gary Wallner.

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