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Welcome Committee

Our ushers and greeters want you to know You Belong Here!

Our parish volunteers are waiting at the entrance of the church to greet and welcome you to celebrate the Divine Liturgy and worship with us on Sundays and at additional weekday services. Because worship is an important part of Orthodoxy, the best introduction to the Orthodox Church is to attend the Divine Liturgy or the celebration of one of the major Sacraments.

A first-time visitor may be overcome by the music and the ceremony, but it is in worship that the distinctive flavor, rich traditions, and living faith of Orthodoxy is truly experienced. These faithful greeters are called upon to provide a very special service of hospitality as their liturgical ministry.

The Hospitality of Abraham (Genesis 18:1-15)

The Hospitality of Abraham is a Russian icon by Andrei Rublev that shows the three angels that appeared to Mamre. The three angels represent the Trinity. The angel in the middle represents Christ, the Son of God. The fourth place at the table toward you is empty. This is because Christ has a place set for you. You belong here - and to Him.

Welcome Committee
Our purpose is
to create a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and hospitality, encouraging all to celebrate the Divine Liturgy within the body of Christ (the Church) in faith and community.

Our Objectives are to:
Foster and Encourage Parishioner Participation

Helping you get familiar with our services and events, such as Paraklesis (Παράκλησις), ministry outings, etc., to bring you closer God and to our wonderful community.

Build Upon Current Parishioner Participation

Greeting parishioners at services, provide support for needs, and encouraging parishioners who may not frequently attend to “come and see." We also seek out opportunities to support those who cannot attend in person and are facilitators to growing the strength and closeness of our community.

Open our Door to Visitors

We welcome, greet, and facilitate visitors who enter to participate in Divine Liturgy on Sundays and weekdays. We also help visitors become acquainted with our services and our faith - field questions from visitors or guide you to the appropriate resources for learning more. Most importantly, we invite all who enter in good faith to join us in worship, introduce you to the various ministries and events that our community offers, and connect you with other members of our parish and our clergy.

The Welcome Ministry is for everyone.  To learn more or to volunteer for this wonderful ministry as a greeter or organizer, contact Welcome Ministry Leader Joanna Matsis. You can also call the church office at (510) 581-8950.